Helping 10,000 patients with back pain…

I spend a lot of my working week, around 60%, helping relieve peoples back pain. In fact, I’ve been in practice for over eight years and calculated that I have helped around 10,000 people with back pain.

“Given that 80% of the UK population have had back pain in their life and a quarter of all adults within the last three months, it seems we are all suffering from this burdensome condition.”

So, what has all this experience of treating bad backs taught me? Like everything in life your genes play a role so if your parents had a bad back you may be prone to this condition. However, more positively and something we can affect, our environment also plays a massive role. What I mean here is your posture, weight, activity and stress levels will all affect how your back behaves.

What should you do if you have back pain?

1. Getting professional advice should be your first port of call. As back pain is NOT ALL the same we can help to diagnose your back pain or if appropriate recommend a scan. Once you know what you are dealing with (from the diagnosis) then you know how to manage it. If you just take painkillers, although they can be helpful, you are not getting to the root of the problem.

Back pain exercises

My favorite back exercise.

2. Learn how to manage your back – my belief is every adult should do daily back exercises. Whether you have had one episode of back pain or suffered for 15 years, regular daily exercises can help to keep you mobile and out of trouble. We can teach you simple back exercises that will take only a few minutes of your day!

3. Consider how you can be more active in your day – we all know sitting in a slumped chair all day is not good for the back even if you make it to the gym a few times a week. So, consider how you can be more active in your day – taking stairs, walking etc.. So, if you want to be more proactive about your health and look after your back better we are here to help.

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