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What is a Herniated, Prolapsed or slipped disc?

Intervertebral discs absorb shocks to the spine. Over time, these discs may become thinner, losing their shock absorbency which may result in the disc spreading, causing it to press on the spinal nerve. It is also possible that the disc could herniate, or prolapse, causing the inner material to leak out and press on spinal nerves.
Symptoms may include:

  • Sciatica – pain, numbness, pins and needles down the leg.
  • Back Pain.
  • Difficulty walking, sleeping or sitting.

Causes of Disc Injuries

As with most things, our spines suffer “wear and tear” with age and begin to dehydrate, causing us to become more susceptible to injuries such as bulging discs from simple, basic movements.

We may suffer a disc injury when we lift heavy objects, especially if we do this regularly. Heavy lifting may damage the outer casing of the disc, which can cause it to change shape suddenly.

There is evidence that some people may be more susceptible to slipped discs if they have parents or siblings who have also had slipped or protruding discs.

IDD Therapy Can Help You?

Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy is suitable for adults of all ages. You should consider IDD Therapy if:

  • You have chronic back/neck pain or sciatica
  • You can no longer carry out normal daily activities
  • You are taking painkillers constantly
  • Manual therapy (physio/osteopathy/chiropractic) has not resolved your symptoms and you are considering steroid injections and/or surgery
  • You are keen to avoid surgery
  • You are looking for a long-term solution for pain relief.

How IDD Therapy Works

IDD Therapy uses an Accu SPINA machine to target treatment at specific spinal segments, safely and gently. It works by taking pressure off spinal discs. These may be “bulging” or “herniated” and be pressing on nerves, causing pain.

Many back pain conditions are located at a particular level in the spine. With IDD Therapy, computer-controlled pulling forces gently distract (draw apart) targeted segments of the spine taking pressure off specific discs and nerves. This also gently stretches tight muscles and stiff ligaments.

AccuSPINA IDD Therapy Harpenden Sports + Spinal

How long does a treatment last?

We start by warming muscles and ligaments with an advanced FAR infrared heat pad. This takes about 10 minutes. Then there is treatment on the SPINA machine for approximately 25 minutes. Finally, a cooling therapy is used to calm the treated area. In total, each treatment lasts 45 minutes.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

IDD Is A Course Of Treatment
It’s common to use IDD Therapy for conditions that have not responded to other treatments, often long-standing problems that are deep set. For this reason, patients will require a minimum of 10 sessions and up to 20 sessions to allow the area to fully recover and symptoms to resolve. That’s why we carefully monitor progress as part of the process.


Like to find out more? We offer a free 15-minute no obligation consultation to give you an understanding of whether IDD Therapy may be suitable for your specific condition and the treatment options available.

To arrange this, please call on 01582 760444 or use our online appointment form.


Patient of Harpenden Sports + Spinal, John Coleman says:
“I have been extremely pleased with my IDD Therapy Disc Treatment. The way it targets the problem areas has significantly improved my back. I felt better after 3 sessions and carried on improving over the 8 sessions to the point that I am now essentially pain free. ”
Patient of Harpenden Sports + Spinal, Colin says:
“IDD therapy was my last resort after over a year of excruciating back and leg pain. The pain was affecting both my work and sleeping and making me feel depressed. I found the treatment very relaxing and even fell asleep during treatments. It has been life-changing and after 15 sessions I am now pain free. I would highly recommend to you if you have sciatica.”

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