Knee Pain

Pain in the knee is one of the most commonly mis-diagnosed conditions.

Chronic and acute pain, weakness, giving-way, inability to bend or straighten fully does not always mean you have a cartilage or ligament problem. More often than not, a back problem around the L3 spinal joint causes many of these symptoms and can refer really acute pain to the knee.

It is very easy to confirm whether the pain is of spinal origin or indeed in the knee. It could, of course, be both and if you have had previous surgery on your knee and you still have pain, it is more likely to be of spinal origin.

Cartilage or meniscus injury usually, but not exclusively, follows direct trauma, contact or twisting-bending. A degenerative tear in the menicus may occur without any aggravating factors; again diagnosis is extremely important. If a tear is suspected an MRI can now confirm the condition without the need for exploratory surgery.

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