Diagnosis of a patient

Providing you a Diagnosis

We consider the diagnosis to be the most important element of the treatment programme and it is the area in which we have the greatest experience and expertise. You will usually be given a diagnosis on your first appointment.

Conditions often present in a similar way, and more thorough and specific questions will need to be asked to facilitate this diagnosis.

The examination enables us to locate and confirm the problem more specifically. We will talk through our findings with you and an appropriate treatment plan for you will be discussed along with exercise and lifestyle advice. The treatment can then be given to the appropriate area, although this is not always where the pain is experienced.

Gaitscan & MRI
If your symptoms are from weight-bearing joints (foot, knee, hip, back) you may be advised to have your gait analysed using our Gaitscan technology.

Sometimes an MRI is suggested, either to investigate further if the condition is severe, or sometimes to clarify that the course of treatment being given is the best option for recovery. MRI’s are much more affordable now, costing around £200 and are easily accessible. Consultant referral is readily available, either locally or to the larger specialist hospitals in London.

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